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Foods for Diabetes

Diabetic foods to eat: Whole grain bread Cereals that are unrefined oats and unprocessed low-GI cereals Cookies and crackers made with fruits or whole grains like oats Cakes and muffins made with fruits, oats and whole grains Rather then tropical fruits like bananas, tempurate climate fruits like apples and plums Pasta or legumes rather then potatoes Basmatti rice or other […]

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Eating the Best of Ethnic Cuisines

Valuing African-American food African-American food, sometimes called soul food, combines the food preferences and cooking methods of the African slaves with the available ingredients and available fuel found in the United States. Slow cooking with lots of vegetables and meats, eating lots of greens, combining fruits and meats in main dishes, and deep-frying meats and vegetables were cooking traditions brought […]