I turned 50 2 years ago. Due to poor genetics I have become diabetic. I have been writing a nutritional cookbook over the past several years. Fortunately most of my recipes are already good for diabetics. My blood sugar is stable with oral medication and adhering to a diabetic diet.

I am now spending more time in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes. As well as saving leftovers for meals rather than for snacks. Passing through the bakery aisles at the grocery store is difficult. But on the positive side, I’ve lost over 20 pounds.

My food blog is intended to lead by example. To show what foods are healthy and how to plan healthy meals.

I post my recipes after I cook them. I usually cook and edit each recipe about two or three  times or until I’m sure before I post them.

The other recipes I’ve got from library books and other reputable cooking web sites.

I hope to one day have a really huge cooking web site, and maybe sell a cookbook.

My food blog includes all sorts of quick and easy nutritious recipes, cooking  and health tips, as well as recipes for diabetic desserts and gluten-free meals. It exemplifies the healthiest of food choices.

About Me

I live with my daughter and we have 3 cats.  I have close ties to my family. My daughter and I get along better than the Gilmore girls do. We’re both girly girls. We like to dress in dresses and stuff like that.

I come from Aurora, which is a town in Ontario, Canada, and is part of the GTA (The Greater Toronto Area).  This area has been coined as a “multi-cultural mosaic;” where people from all over the world come to live. My family is from Nova Scotia, and we’re partly French Acadian, English and Irish.

I have emphysema, which is the worst stage of asthma. I couldn’t quit smoking until I was too sick to smoke any more.  It’s been more than two years since I’ve had a cigarette.  It’s difficult for me to go for walks, do housework and climb stairs. It takes me three times as long to do those things as it does for other people.

I see myself as the Donna Reed type. Remember, the wifey from the Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. My life revolves around cooking and housework. I’m looking for someone to watch tv and movies with. There is life after 50. I just need to get out more.

I am also somewhat like a female counterpart of “Bubbles” on the Canadian tv show “Trailer Park Boys”. Like, Bubbles people tend to come to me for advice.

About *Jokes & Quotes*

Onto my comedy website. None of the jokes are mine, but I’ve added my own stuff to a few of the jokes.

The old-aged jokes are self-deprecating to me. I like to laugh at my lack of memory.

The redneck jokes remind me of when I used to be a farmer.

The quotes are goals that I would like to adhere to.

I don’t drink alcohol or huge amounts of coffee; like some of the jokes that I have here. I just find they make some of the funniest humour. I am actually an environmentalist type.

My comedy website is at:


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